3 week USA road trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas


The route of our dream vacation 2014

It should be our longest stay in the USA and our longest journey that we have covered in the USA so far. This is actually still the case today in 2020. 3 weeks and around 2,000 miles (around 3,219 kilometers) have also remained our record so far.

Chapter 01 - A dream becomes true

After we spent our vacation in the USA for the first time in 2013, the fever grabbed us and has not let go to this day. After returning from LA, it was clear to both of us that the trip would be bigger next year!

The planning of our road trip on the dream road in the USA, Highway 1, began right after our last stay. The route itself was quickly clear, Michael wanted to San Francisco, Sabrina to her dream city Los Angeles and we both wanted to make a detour to San Diego and Las Vegas.

Anyone who has never done a road trip in the USA will probably make the mistake and misjudge the distances. - A little tip: You don't even drive through Highway 1 in a day 😉

After the route had been set up and the target was set for 3 weeks, it was time to fine-tune. First of all, the route between San Francisco and LA on Highway 1. It quickly became clear to us that we had to plan at least 2 nights. Then we went from Los Angeles to San Diego, there after 2 nights on to Las Vegas with a day tour to the Grand Canyon and after another stay in Sin City back to Frankfurt by plane.

Chapter 02 - Our route

We have recorded our route on the following map. For more information, just click on the points. You will find further information and links to our individual contributions to the trip.

Chapter 03 - Our stopovers in detail

Here you get the full package of information and travel reports. Either click on the first post and travel with us back to 2014. You can continue traveling with the arrows at the end of each post.

Are you only interested in a certain part of the trip? - Scroll down here and select your post.

If that is not enough, you will find links to our “Tips, Tricks and Sights” articles in the last chapter.

Have fun reading and traveling with you!

Chapter 04 - More tips

There were other contributions to go with this series, which we will of course also discuss.

A USA road trip is never complete without a car, so we have you in the post "Tips on rental cars”Provides important information about rental cars in the USA.

We have also prepared tips, tricks and things to see for you. If you are also planning a road trip or want to travel to one of the cities, you are sure to find what you need here. The articles are currently available for San Francisco and los Angeles. Las Vegas is coming soon!

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