When hearing Nevada, one immediately thinks of desert and sin. The cities of Las Vegas and Reno lie like oases in the Nevada desert. Here you can also experience natural wonders such as Lake Tahoe and the Wild West in Virginia City. Nevada is more than worth a trip for us.

Die Häuser in der 1859 gegründeten Siedlung Virginia City sehen aus, als wären es Kulissen eines alten Western Films. Es sind aber echte Gebäude die mehrere 100 Jahre alt sind. Nevada

Virginia City - Experience a touch of western feeling

Experience the scene of the great gold rush, stroll with us through Virginia City and feel the feeling of the Wild West and a very well-known TV series from the 60s. A very well-known name also appears in this oldest settlement north of the Mississippi ...

Das kristallklare Wasser des Lake Tahoe, einfach traumhaft. Nature & National Parks

Lake Tahoe - 1 day on one of the most beautiful beaches on the lake

Lake Tahoe between California and Nevada is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Nature straight out of a picture book, even on one of the most beautiful beaches on the lake - Sand Harbor.

Reno Nevada - The Biggest Little City of the World. Nevada

“The biggest little city in the world” - “Tiny Vegas” or just Reno Nevada

Welcome to Reno Nevada, the largest small town in the world. Our little trip takes us through the small town with Las Vegas flair and contains some interesting insights into the American way of life.

Auf dem Weg nach Las Vegas durch die Mojave Wüste - Schier endlos geradeaus. Arizona

3 week USA road trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas

On this page we have put together all of the contributions from our USA Road Trip 2014. Join us on the way from San Francisco to Las Vegas.

Die eindrucksvolle Fassade des Harley Davidson Cafés in Las Vegas Highway No 1 Road Trip (2014)

How Las Vegas turned out to be the best way to end our 2014 road trip for us

Las Vegas / Nevada, the city, or mirage in the Nevada desert is no longer just a meeting place for players. The city offers so much more - experience our 1st stay in “Sin City” with us