Christmas in Los Angeles - Christmas in your swimming trunks?


33 ° C in November? - This is "Christmas in Los Angeles"

Spend the pre-Christmas period in a different place than in cold Germany?
We dared to fly to Los Angeles in November (2016) to see how the Christmas season started in California.

At 33 ° Celsius (!) There is more summer than Christmas mood, but there is the American, or rather “Californian way of Christmas Life” 🙂

Chapter 01 - Worldwide candle lightning

Before we start with the lights in pre-Christmas Los Angeles, something more serious about today, the Worldwide Candle Lightning.

What is it actually and what is actually being celebrated on this special day?

The idea goes back to the association “Compassionate Friends” in the USA, an association of orphaned parents and their relatives. This initiative was launched in 1996.

The name of Worldwide Candle Lighting is based on the worldwide ritual lighting of a candle for the deceased child at 7:00 p.m. on the 2nd Sunday in December. This candle is placed on a window so that it is visible from the outside. The hourly shift in the different time zones creates a visual wave of light that wanders around the entire earth once every 24 hours. “… That their light may always shine” (“… let their light shine forever”) is the basic idea behind this idea.

- Source Wikipedia -

Chapter 02 - Christmas shopping in Los Angeles

The pre-Christmas season in the USA is very commercial and also has a lot to do with shopping. In Los Angeles there are the “Christmas palms” festively adorned with thick red ribbons and lots of lights.

Let's start with our first photo. It was made in the Beverly Center in Beverly Hills. Doesn't it show Christmas, which you probably already know from many films? - That Santa Claus noticed us was more lucky than imagined, because it wasn't planned 😉

Next stop, our favorite place in Hollywood, the “Hollywood & Highland” Shopping Center. No other place in LA can do that - a Christmas tree with the Hollywood Sign in the background! Otherwise, this center is always well attended and beautifully lit at Christmas time. We can only recommend you to visit Los Angeles during this time!

Our shopping tour continues to “The Grove” in the La Brea district south of Hollywood. The shopping center, which is right next to the famous Farmers Market, offers many beautiful Christmas impressions with Santa's house, a huge Christmas tree and much more. Unfortunately, the lighting was only turned on on the evening of our day of departure - maybe next time!

Finally, it goes to the south of Los Angeles, the suburb of Montebello to the Citadel Outlet Center. Here is the largest Christmas tree in the world (as of 2016).

It is actually only a single tree that has been erected here. In Dortmund, where the city has the largest Christmas tree, the tree consists of many individual trees that are combined to form a total work of art. Nice too, but not just a single tree like here.

Even at night it is unique here, the large Christmas tree balls, the illuminated Christmas tree and the entire center, which looks like stacked gifts with a huge bow - only available in the USA!


Chapter 03 - The pre-Christmas season in Long Beach

Since we had never made it to the lower tip of Los Angeles before, we went to Long Beach. The plan was to visit the Queen Marry, a luxury steamer of the last century, which is now anchored there as a museum and hotel.

Then it went to the other side of the Los Angeles River, which is quite wide here, directly to Long Beach. If you drive around you will find some beautiful Christmas houses near the beach and the canal, as you can certainly see on the pictures.

Of course we also spent a day on the beach, why not, with the summer temperatures 😉

Chapter 04 - A little more culture at the end

Okay, even if it doesn't quite fit, we still have some culture in the program.

Near the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) is the famous “Urban Light”, an outdoor sculpture. There are 202 historical street lamps from the 20s and 30s sorted by size. The lanterns do not come from anywhere, but were previously in Los Angeles itself.

A very special border, especially in the evening and at night when the space is empty.

If you walk a little further along the street, you will find something that is quite familiar and at the same time strange to the place. A real section of the Berlin Wall stands in front of a skyscraper that is home to the Sundance Institute and the Creative Circle.

The 10 original segments were created in 2009 on behalf of "Wende Museum of the Cold War" in Culver City, Los Angeles designed by artists who have also worked on the famous East Side Gallery. The aim was to bring a piece of the twin city Berlin to Los Angeles and to keep the memory of November 9th, 1989 alive.

We wish To you a beautiful
3. Advent and Worldwide Candle Lightning

Even with summer temperatures, the Christmas spirit can arise, especially with the splendor of Christmas trees and lights.

Finally, Santa Claus flies through Beverly Hills again!

Kontraste - Der Weihnachtsmann fliegt über Beverly Hills - Das ist Christmas in Los Angeles!

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